mind's BEST

purchase your very own emotional support pup & receive access to unmatched utility for mental wellness.


A NFT project with one mission in mind: raise awareness for and improve the mental health & wellness of our community by providing our holders real world utilities and tools to achieve self-empowerment in the comfort of your home.

How we do this is by building a community of support and compassion to help those that are struggling with their own mental health & wellness or know someone struggling with theres. Our 7500 unique emotional support pup NFTs, paired with our utilities, are designed and built to help us achieve our mission.


German Shepherd #6503

When you mint your MBF emotional support pup, you aren't just joining an amazing community of like-minded individuals and NFT enthusiasts, you are starting down a path of mental health & wellness improvement, self-empowerment and personal growth. The journey to improvement, healing and growth is long and challenging. Our mission is to make that journey easier through the utilization of our community and utilities.

wellness improvement tools & EXPERT SPEAKERS Seminars

Holders will receive access to one year subscription to the most powerful, science backed wellness combination with Gallup Wellbeing @ Work and Happify by Twill, a mental health and wellness app designed to weave together the strands of mental and physical health and create digital-first care that is as connected as the body and mind.

Live, quarterly virtual speaker sessions with mental health & wellness experts and motivational speakers. These sessions are designed to provide our holders an opportunity to hear from experts in the field and acquire knowledge for self-empowerment and personal development.

puppy treat program & Airdrops

Our one of a kind Puppy Treat Program gives our holders the ability to take their pups on a journey of their own. Holders will choose between two different puppy treats that will take their pups on a transformational journey.

Take your pup down a path of enlightenment or a path of regression. The choice is yours.

Airdrops will take place throughout the course of the project and introduce new characters to the emotional support puppy pack! Holders must hold at least two pups in their wallet for 30 days before the drop to qualify. One airdrop will be sent per two pups.

Mbf merch store

A full line of merchandise will be available to holders and community members through our genesis store featuring a wide range of apparel and gear options bringing awareness to our brand, mission and of course our pups!

MetaMask Shopify integration will allow owners of MBF emotional support pups to claim free merch drops or purchase deeply discounted merch.

milestone donation program

We are committed to making a longterm difference in the fight against mental health disorders. Part of that commitment includes our Milestone Donation Program to mental health centers and research organizations.

Once a milestone has been hit, Mind's Best Friend will release a 1-of-1, 3D version of one of the members of our emotional support puppy pack. The 3D pup will be put up for auction and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the preselected organization. MBF will also donate an additional $10,000.

Where most collections make one single donation throughout the entire course of the project, our program is designed to provide multiple rounds of funding to different organizations every time we hit a milestone.

MBF roadmap 1.0

100% fully Funded

1. Presale

Once our collection has exceeded our expectations, we will announce our presale mint date. To show our appreciation to the earliest and most active community members, presale mint will be restricted our our predetermined whitelist. WL members will have 24 hours to mint up to 5 emotional support pups.

2. public sale

Remaining MBF emotional support pups will be available for mint to the rest of the public. Holders will be able to mint up to 5 emotional support pups per wallet address. Public sale will last 48 hours.

3. character reveal

MBF emotional support pups that have been minted during presale and public sale will be revealed to holders 24 hours after public sale ends.

4. Utilities

Holders will receive access to utilities based on a variety of qualifying factors and timelines. Additional details and information will be provided through Discord.

5. Merch store launch

MetaMask Shopify integration will allow owners of MBF emotional support pups to claim free merch drops or purchase deeply discounted merch to rep the brand and help us actively raise awareness for mental health & wellness.

6. mind's best friend gives back

Once we have reached a 20% sold threshold, our Milestone Donation Program will begin. Each 3D pup will be auctioned off one at a time to allow the auction to take place and allow our community to learn more about the chosen organization.

7. Further community development

We will continue to engage with our community and grow the project in several ways including adding new and innovative utilities for mental health & wellness improvement as well as taking our emotional support pups into the metaverse and giving holders new ways to interact and develop their pups. Once we have successfully completed Roadmap 1.0 to the highest standard, we will roll out Roadmap 2.0.

meet the team


Michael Nebrich

co-founder, COO

Nick Connolly Pup

Nick Connolly

co-founder, CEO

Kyle Paterson Pup

kyle paterson


Alberto Singto Pup

Alberto Singto

creative director


Official Mint dates and prices have been announced and will proceed as follows:

Presale Mint Date: November 15 | Public Mint Date: November 16

Presale Mint Price: 0.06 ETH (~$75) | Public Mint Price: 0.08 ETH (~$100)

You can join the Mind’s Best Friend community by heading over to our Discord and become an early supporter of the project. Early supporters will have the ability to compete for a white list spot to receive access to our pre-sale. Also, follow us on Twitter or Instagram for news and information about the collection. linktr.ee/mindsbestfriend

Mind’s Best Friend will consist of 7500 unique NFTs. Within the collection, there are six “sub-collections” that bring awareness to six mental health disorders, including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, PTSD and ADD/ADHD. The pup assigned to each sub-collection represents an emotional support dog that can be used to help those suffering from mental health in their daily lives. Each sub-collection will feature 1250 unique NFTs.

Mind’s Best Friend is hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain. ERC 721 Contract.

Yes! NFT Holders will have access to a variety of different utilities attached to each pup. These utilities range from live monthly expert speaker sessions, wellness improvement tools, access to our Puppy Treat Program, discounted merch, airdrops, and much more! More details will be provided throughout the year through our discord.

Our goal is for our holders to be able to bring their pups into the metaverse to use as their emotional support dogs. As our collection moves forward, the closer to that goal we will be.

Yes! All holders will own the IP Commercial rights to their pups.